What a few months it’s been, eh? Normality has been put on pause ⏸ while we all do our bit to contain this pesky Coronavirus… suddenly we find ourselves with new daily routines we never thought we’d have… working from home! home schooling! no sport! and worst of all… no dancing!!!

Well, mis amigos, the good news is we CAN still dance together …I will be live-streaming  Zumba classes every week via the Zoom app… so we can still get our hit of happy endorphins and keep fit!

Here’s how it works… message me to say you’d like to join the class and I will send you a link, login and password. Simples!

Now that classes are switching back to ‘LIVE’ and my patellar tendintis is healing up, there is now only one online class per week: MONDAYS @ 6.30 PM

During this time, payment for classes is ‘optional’ (but very much appreciated!!) …there are some folk for whom money is going to be extremely tight at the moment, so, if you’re in this position, I honestly would rather you didn’t pay me but still were able to benefit from the physical benefit and mental boost from dancing with us! If you are able/would like to pay, I will send you a PayPal link (if you don’t have my bank details already) and you can send me £2/3 (you decide) if you feel you’ve enjoyed the class. If you’re one of my regulars and have a class pass, you can use this, we are going to say 2 online classes = 1 normal class.

For health & safety, please wear trainers… and please make sure your dance space is safe by moving trip hazards (e.g. furniture, cables, pets, spouses) to one side. As usual, if any body parts start hurting, take a break and self-refer. Have water on hand to make sure you stay hydrated. You can leave the session at any time, if you leave early I won’t be offended – but please do a cooldown stretch so you don’t injure your muscles. Just as a note, you may experience a slight time lag between audio and video – if this happens, simply switch your router off and then back on again, and that should solve it! If other people in your house are using the internet, this may also ‘overload’ your connection and cause a time lag. We’re all learning every time we do this, so please forgive me (and yourselves) any squeaky tech incidents! If you need any more info, please send me a message.

Hope to see you soon…. and in the meantime, stay safe and keep dancing!