COVID-19: This is how we Zumba…

With the ace news that ***LIVE*** Zumba is returning on 19th May 2021 at North Heath Hall and 18th May 2021 at Castlewood School, I have to let you know that there are a few tweaks (or should that be twerks!) to how we Zumba for the foreseeable future. In order for us to be allowed to come back to these venues, I have had to do pages-long risk assessments to satisfy the management that everyone (you lovely lot, me, other hall users etc) will be kept as safe as possible, conform to the venue’s regulations and ensure any risk of Coronavirus transmission is kept to an absolute minimum.  So, here goes…

  • Please maintain 2 metre distancing at all times. This is going to be super difficult if, like me, you love your hugs… and when you’re dancing, please be ‘spatially aware’. I’m not going to mark the floor with boxes, but if you keep to your zone (still shimmying and shakin’ it for all it’s worth) that would be grand!  
  • Please bring with you to class only what is absolutely necessary – water bottle, keys, sexy hips – no kitchen sinks please! And please keep your bits and bobs away from other peoples bits and bobs when you’re at the venue.
  • The capacity of the hall is limited to just 12 plus me at North Heath Hall and 9 plus me at Castlewood School. This is so we have room to jig about and not disperse any ‘liquids’ over each other (ahem!!! lol) …so if you want to dance you will need to book your place!
  • Booking will be via however you normally contact me… text, email, messenger, phone – and will be ‘first come, first served’.
  • I am still operating class passes and PAYG, however, I am no longer taking payment by coin of the realm/paper money as this is deemed a ‘transmission risk’, so payment will be via bank transfer preferably, or PayPal (I’ll give you my bank details if you don’t already have them).
  • I have to be quite strict about booking due to the reduced capacity of the venues – PAYG booking will require payment in advance… class pass holders, if you book on, this will count as one stamp on your card. In either case, if you book on but then don’t turn up to class, I’m afraid I can’t refund you. I’m not going to be a total cow about this. If there are mitigating circumstances – like you suddenly develop Coronavirus symptoms, or you rescued a badger in peril on the way to class – I will be lenient. 
  • Which brings me neatly onto Coronavirus symptoms. If you are suffering with any of the symptoms described by PHE, please don’t come to class. Look after yourself and each other by being sensible.  
  • I will be keeping records of attendances and a contact number, so if you develop symptoms and then test positive for Coronavirus, and you were at class at any time from 48 hrs prior to symptoms developing, this info will be needed for the contact tracers to do their thing.  

North Heath Hall

  • Class will start at the later time of 7.30pm to allow the NHH cleaning battalion sufficient time to ‘sanitise’ and ventilate the venue between the previous hall users leaving and our arrival. 
  • We are only allowed into the building at 7.30pm, so please wait in the car park until that time. Entrance into the venue is via the fire exit near the stage (accessible via the far end of the car park) – and please use the hand sanitiser when you come in. We have to leave the venue via this same door.
  • The venue require that we wear masks in communal areas, however…
  • I’m not going to enforce mask-wearing during the class – in fact, I believe it would be dangerous to undertake cardio exercise in a mask – especially for me, as I have this weird thing I do that I hold my breath when I wear a face mask!! – but if you want to wear one, please do (just remember to breathe!).
  • Only one toilet will be available to use (the one on the left if you were coming in through the main entrance) and it’s ‘one-in, one-out’ – please remember to wear a mask in the foyer if you need to go!

Phew! That’s the heavy rules ‘n’ regs dealt with! It’s basically common sense, but stuff I am duty bound to tell you. So, if you’ve been missing the buzz of dancing together – and by ‘eck, I have – please come and boogie!

Any questions, or to book on, give me a shout! 
I’m really looking forward to dancing with you soooooon!! JB x